Jonas Julian Jensen
I'm a computer engineer from Norway. I specialize in FPGA development using VHDL. That's a type of reconfigurable microchip and its coding language.
I hold a master's degree in informatics and have experience working as a developer for Norway's leading defense company.
In June 2018, I left my job to live as a location-independent developer.
VHDLwhiz’s courses, articles, and resources help you learn and understand advanced concepts within FPGA design.
VHDLwhiz is my business site. I spend most of my time working on the free and premium VHDL training content.
Jensen Tech
I conduct all my business through my Norwegian company, Jensen Tech, founded on August 11th, 2009.
Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (Jan 2013 - Jun 2018)
Project Engineer
Worked on digital logic design, embedded programming, and image processing.
Tools used in my line of work:
Qt GUI framework
Xilinx toolchain
QuestaSim / ModelSim
Virtex-6 architecture
Zynq-7000 SoC
University of Oslo (Aug 2007- Aug 2012)
Master's Degree, Robotics and Intelligent Systems
Master’s thesis on database acceleration using partial run-time reconfiguration in FPGAs (Grade: A):

Completed courses including:
Object Oriented Programming
Algorithms and Data Structures
Computer Architecture
Internet Protocols
Discrete Electronics
FPGA Design
CMOS Design
Converted to Linux (Nov 1998)
In November 1998, I formatted the hard drive of my Pentium 133 MHz system and installed Red Hat 5.1 Manhattan Linux. Since that day, Linux has been my preferred operating system.
Jonas Julian Jensen
Mobile: +47-4842-1069